New Music: Adele - ❝I Drink Wine❞ (confirmed second single) ♫♫

With Adele's new album ❝30❞ officially released today, fans finally get to hear 
the official studio recording of her confirmed second single, ❝I Drink Wine.❞
In her interview with Rolling Stone magazine, ❝I Drink Wine❞ was described by Adele as a song about shedding one’s ego, complete with a bit of a 70s Elton John and Bernie Taupin flair. This is more “typical Adele”, another radio-friendly ballad that will no doubt be another hit for her. Adele preaching with the black church organ at the end really is a serve! The song was debuted live ahead of the album release at Adele’s CBS Special One Night Only performed in LA alongside other tracks from the album. Take a listen to her second single, ❝I Drink Wine,❞ below!