Watch: Mariah Carey gets asked about Nick Cannon’s MULTIPLE new children...

A messy drama queen asks Mariah Carey about Nick Cannon's multiple
 children and if they will enjoy Christmas the same way she does...
In the classiest way possible, Mariah pretty much said, ❝dem kids have nothing to do with me!❞ She don't know them! It is the first time she has publicly acknowledged her ex-husband's sperm donor activities. Kevin Fraiser from Entertainment Tonight is an idiot, who was clearly trying to provoke a reaction. When he didn't get the one he wanted then came the awkward laughter. Such an unnecessary thing to ask. No one would DARE ask Beyoncé about her father's outside children and whether she has a relationship with them. There is a reason why she doesn't do interviews anymore.  


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Remmi said...

Haha - his fake laughter is the best part.

As for Beyonce, never mind her father what about her husband's alleged pre-marital children that he continues to deny? Based on looks, that lady is certainly her daddy's daughter!

Toya said...

We'll never know lol.

Seth said...

Lmao love her. Weird question.

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