Adele announces exclusive Vegas residency ❝Weekends With Adele.❞

Adele has announced an exclusive residency in the Colosseum of Las
 Vegas’ Caesars Palace Hotel, beginning Friday January 21st, 2022. 
Titled ❝Weekends With Adele,❞ the singer will perform two shows each weekend 
through Saturday April 16th, 2022 for a total of 12 weeks. Okay Adele! 
A Vegas residency is a great way to give the people what they want. Smaller venue, better Covid precautions. And it's easier for Adele to work around her son. Win win! 
The presale tickets for Adele’s event will be available through registration using Ticketmaster Verified Fan. You can check it out hereGood luck to everyone putting themselves through stress to get those tickets. 
We all know getting them will almost be as hard as retrieving a needle from a haystack (see full list of dates below.)



Anonymous said...

I hear that her stans are complaining about the prices of her tickets. I thought they love it when she "stands & sings without the extra choreography" but now they complaining that she charging Michael Jackson/Beyoncè/Madonna prices because her streaming numbers don't mean much to her as the physical sales of 21 & 25 albums did. Hysterical!

Toya said...

Couldn't be me.