Beyoncé edges closer to her first Oscar nomination as shortlists are revealed...

Beyoncé's ❝Be Alive,❞ made the academy’s cut in preliminary voting,
 as did Lin-Manuel Miranda, Billie Eilish and Van Morrison.
Beyoncé's ❝Be Alive❞ has been shortlisted in the ❝Best Original Song❞ category for the Oscars 2022.

Beyoncé and songwriter Dixson wrote ❝Be Alive,❞ for ❝King Richard,❞ a biopic about the father of Venus and Serena Williams. If the song makes it through the next round, it would be Beyoncé’s first ever Oscar nomination! And it would be an amazing feat to even just be able to say she's an Oscar-nominated singer.❞ And not just Grammy Award-winning. Can she do it? YES SHE CAN! 

Nominations will be officially announced on February 8th.