Doja Cat premieres ❝Woman❞ video; gets accused of copying Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé & Rihanna

Doja Cat has released the official ❝Woman❞ music video 
directed by Child and starring Teyana Taylor.
Many fans are happy that ❝Woman❞ is finally getting the visual treatment considering that the TikTok trending song is an actual fan favorite off latest album ❝Planet Her.❞ 

However, the video is coming under fire for its lack of originality and she is facing accusations for copying Nicki Minaj's ❝Ganga Burn,❞ Rihanna's ❝Where Have You Been❞ and Beyoncé's ❝Baby Boy.❞

As a result, she has now limited the comments on her Instagram page.


Sro said...

IDK what she was thinking with this one. I love the song but while I watched the video I immediately thought of Nicki's Ganja Burn. The similarities were blatant down to the exact color scheme and hue. I don't understand why she didn't continue with the themes of the other Planet Her videos... it's too late now, she's released it into he universe. As a self proclaimed Nicki fan what reaction did Doja expect? Maybe she'll claim homage. I'm sure Nicki is seething and just waiting to release her next feature where she not-so-subtlety disses the Cat for being less "Doja" and more "Copy".