FIVE albums to look forward to in 2022; Merry Xmas everyone!

We are touching distance from the year 2022, and many artists have been taking their time to record albums in preparation for next year. Out of all the artists mentioned in this post, Beyoncé is probably the only one who is almost guaranteed to drop a new album in 2022. 
She said it herself that the music is coming but how she intends to deliver this new music is the question on everyone's lips. In 2019, she landed a three-project deal with Netflix worth $60 million so there's no doubt her upcoming tour and album will tie in with this.  
Janet Jackson was actually set to release her ❝Black Diamond❞ album in 2020 and even tour to support it. Then the pandemic happened. 
With her upcoming documentary coming on January 28th, 2022, it wouldn't surprise us if she released a lead single to tie it all together. The album could drop in the spring or summer. We know physically she is tour ready and has consistently been in dance rehearsals. Watch this space.   
Normani has hinted that her debut solo album could very well be dropping in the summer of 2022. 
But in her case, fans should just wait until they have the album in their actual Spotify and Apple playlists. Until then, it will remain the phantom album that will show up when it sees fit.  
Beyoncé's protégé Chlöe Bailey is almost guaranteed to drop an album in 2022 just like her mentor. 
She has done multiple performances to support her lead single ❝Have Mercy❞, and a second single will most likely be out before the album drops half way through the year. Her team are always on the ball so promotion for the album will be super tight.  
People have been obsessed over new music from Rihanna for a very long time. It has been almost six years since she dropped an album, but as they say patience is a virtue. Or is it? 
Fans think 2022 could be the year Ri releases the album while many others are not so convinced. Rihanna appears very dismissive over her music career. She sees more importance in selling panties and lipsticks and just overall building that billion dollar Fenty empire. On the other hand, she might just shock us with a Q1 announcement. 

Ho, ho, ho! Merry MERRY MEEEERRRYYY Christmaaaassss to TW readers! Hope you're all keeping merry and eating lots!


Anonymous said...

no one is here for a normani album at all... i still remember a while ago toya you compared normani to kelly... well the comparison doesnt exist at all coz Kelly has a much more successful solo career n normani would only wish to have a quarter of kellys success..

Anonymous said...

Exactly Beyonce said it several times..... There would not be a destiny's child without Kelly ... Listen to the outro song on the "Survivor" ALBUM....