Janet Jackson shows off unflattering partially shaved head...

Janet Jackson pulled down an interview off YouTube prior to stills showing the singer's partially shaved head with braids. Before it got pulled, the interview displayed Janet breaking down her most iconic music video costumes with Allure magazine.
As for the new look, what in the Raven Symone hair school hell is going on?! The unflattering look shows the sides of her hair harshly shaved with a very aggressive hairline and no fade. It looks awful. No wonder she had that interview deleted (must have been done months ago before the weight loss.)


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Remmi said...

Is this old? She looks...healthy.

Toya said...

The video was uploaded yesterday but it was filmed ages ago by the looks of it.

Jrocka said...

Lol this looks old cause her recent pics she looks different

Unknown said...

Janet always look good that why she a Queen love her she has her own style not trying to be like everyone else.

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