J.Lo says she’s NOT angry with boyfriend Ben Affleck for dissing his ex-wife...

Jennifer Lopez tells People that reports claiming she was angry with boyfriend Ben 
Affleck's comments about his ex-wife Jennifer Garner were ❝simply not true.❞
❝It is not how I feel,❞ she said, adding, ❝I couldn't have more respect for Ben as a father, a co-parent, and a person.

Affleck has faced some serious criticism for saying he would ❝probably still be drinking❞ if he were still married to Garner. ❝It's part of why I started drinking,❞ he told Howard Stern, ❝because I was trapped.❞ He later went on Jimmy Kimmel to do some grovelling damage control. 

Dude is known for being a notoriously consistent A-Grade assh*le and has no one to blame but himself if folks aren't taking his retraction seriously.


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Remmi said...

I think it was a case of bad choice of words on Ben's part, though what's been quoted in the media also needs to be given context to everything else he stated in the interview, such as the love and respect he still has for Jennifer, and him taking responsibility for choosing poor coping strategies to manage feeling "trapped". He should just not speak on it in future like Jennifer doesn't, especially since children are involved.

Toya said...

I agree. It should not have been said even if he truly feels that way or as you say it could have been worded much better... "the pressure of trying to make my marriage work partially contributed to my issues" would have been more respectful. His oldest child is like 16 so she's at that age where she will see everything on social media.

ChesterSpence said...

Perhaps he was caught up in a Two hour interview, that he was enjoying and completely let his guard down and gave honest, unfiltered responses. Not just about his marriage, but about Hollywood. It was a surprisingly refreshing interview. It may have been one of the most honest interviews I’ve ever listened to. But of course context is everything.

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