Madonna claps back at 50 Cent’s ❝fake❞ apology + he claps right BACK at her...

Madonna uses a quirky filter while slamming rapper 
50 Cent for his ❝fake❞ apology.
In the video posted to Instagram, Madonna tells 50 that his apology is ❝bullsh*t and not legitimate.❞ 50 previously age shamed her for posting some racy bedroom photos of herself on the platform. 

She criticised him, which prompted the rapper to apologise on Twitter. But anyone that read his (now deleted) apology could see for themselves that it was not very sincere and full of preliminary mockery! ETA: I’m sorry, sorry didn’t work!❞ his petty ass wrote while introducing his LikeAVirgin63 challenge on Instagram. Looks like this is going to turn into one of those catty back and forths.

I do not agree with Madonna's antics. She is older than my mum and I'd be mortified if my mum posted pictures like that on social media. However, she's right to say it like it is. That apology was not genuine at all!


Remmi said...

Well that was a little weird