Jennifer Lopez serves beltful performance of ❝On My Way❞ on The Voice Finale...

Jennifer Lopez took to the stage on The Voice Finale to perform ❝On
 My Way,❞ the latest single from her new movie ❝Marry Me.❞
Surprisingly, this performance didn't have me reaching for the mute button and that says a lot. On Monday, Jen assisted her beau Ben Affleck at The Tender Bar❞ premiere in Los Angeles. 

Affleck has been making controversial headlines for saying he still would have been a pathetic drunk if he stayed married to Jennifer Garner. A disgusting, as*hole statement to make about the mother of your children who has been nothing but supportive of his plight, often driving him to rehab during their separation and post-divorce. 

Not to mention he had a drinking problem BEFORE he married her. Him saying this should not even be surprising since he spent an entire decade blaming current girlfriend J.Lo for almost ruining his career!


ChesterSpence said...

Toya clearly you didn’t listen to Howard Stern interview…. at all. I listened to the ENTIRE interview. And I got something completely entirely different from that statement.

Scoopz said...

@ChesterSpence its not that deep. Relax 🥴