Rihanna responds to pregnancy rumors: ❝Y’all breed me every year dammit!❞

According to recent reports doing the rounds on social media, Rihanna
 is pregnant with rapper A$AP Rocky’s child, and she is responding. 
When Rihanna attended the Inauguration of Barbados' first President
 Dame Sandra Mason, a photo of her protruding stomach went viral. 

Fans were quick to flood social media platforms with their thoughts, and a lot of them expressed how happy they were for the couple. Others had meltdowns because this meant her new album R9 would never see the light of day.

Rihanna responded to a fan in a DM. In the message she jokes that pregnancy rumours have become synonymous with her name over the years.  

It was not a straight up denial. I mean, what celebrity is REALLY going to announce their pregnancy in a DM chat with fans? Think about it. As real as Rihanna is, this is not something she would do. Her weight is known to fluctuate over the years and that's a combination of eating good and being in love. 

Some of you might want to try it.