Rita Ora still ❝embarrassed❞ over flouting lockdown rules for B-Day party.

Rita Ora says she remains ❝incredibly embarrassed 
about her lockdown rule breaking a year ago.
After returning from Egypt, Rita should have been self-isolating on November 28th in line with Covid-19 laws. She chose to host a 30th birthday party in West London, asking the restaurant to disable CCTV cameras. She later paid a £10,000 fine. 
At the time, restaurants were only allowed to open to offer a takeaway service. I am incredibly embarrassed,❞ she says. ❝People were making huge sacrifices at the time, and I let them down.❞ Time for a song title change; I Will Never Let You Down.❞ ♫♫

More like ❝embarrassed❞ for getting caught. Not really sorry for doing it though.