Talks With Mama Tina | Episode 2: Ciara & Kelly Rowland

Ms Tina Lawson, Kelly Rowland and Ciara all had a candid chat for Ms Tina’s new show ❝Talk With Mama Tina.❞ Mama Tina said to Ciara and Kelly ❝y’all had to kiss some frogs, before y’all got to the prince.❞ 
A lot of people go their whole lives only dating f*ckboys. How many men like Russell would say no sex till marriage, and wholesomely worship the ground you walk on after the baby father cheated on and disrespected you?


Anonymous said...

Loved the episode! "Kelly" was known for dating THUGS aka cudda love, Nelly manager/bodyguard from back in the day... Also Tina & Kelly have a "REAL" mother & daughter relationship.