Was Jennifer Hudson snubbed by 2022 Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes certainly isn't showing 
Jennifer Hudson any ❝Respect.❞ 
After channelling Aretha Franklin in the critically acclaimed biopic, many fans feel the singer was snubbed and not shown any recognition for her ACTING skills. 

Although she received a ❝Best Original Song❞ nod for ❝Here I Am (Singing My Way Home),❞ she did not get a look in for the Best Actress category. Come to think of it, absolutely no women of color were nominated in that category. 

A lot of film critics praised Hudson for her authentic portrayal of young Aretha, but clearly someone didn't agree.


Anonymous said...

Snubbed for sure, she was fantastic in the film. But such is the nature of awards - you win some, you lose some.