Adele’s rescheduled residency; multiple disputes + ❝OMG❞ video.

Adele put on quite the Oscar-winning performance of emotions while tearfully announcing the rescheduling of her Las Vegas residency ❝Weekends With Adele❞, which was set to begin last Friday at Caesar's Palace.
There are reports that Adele was unhappy with the production. She felt that several elements ❝were not good enough,❞ resulting in ❝explosive arguments.❞ Other reports suggest possible relationship stress with new man Rich Paul being a contributing factor. A source linked to the management team at Caesars Palace reveal how she is constantly on the phone with him having tearful shouting matches. The crying video below does make a lot of sense now. That woman was a complete, unravelling mess! Of course it was weird seeing a grown woman randomly cry over a grossly expensive concert being cancelled when there are far more important things going on in the world. Clearly, there was more to this teary display than what was meeting the eye. The sold-out four-month residency has been rescheduled and the initial reason was due to Covid-19 production delays. However, the story keeps changing every day and Rich Paul has suddenly become the scapegoat for Adele's unprofessionalism! 

Ladies, if a relationship risks the ruins of YOUR reputation and interference in YOUR business is it really worth it? Beyoncé would NEVER. And her ass was getting cheated on for Lawd knows how long! Check out Adele's teary announcement, as well as her recently premiered visuals for ❝OMG,❞ if you missed it below.