Brandy & Ashanti perform US National Anthem... Poor Ashanti!

R&B vets Brandy and Ashanti served up the United States National Anthem last night, but sadly for one, the performance didn't quite go according to plan! Brandy performed her rendition at the 2022 NFC Championship game, while Ashanti performed hers at the 2022 AFC Championship game.
The low alto JUMPED out beautifully in Brandy's performance. She sang the stank out of the anthem fully understanding the assignment! The riffs and runs were balanced out nicely without overdoing it, and the outfit looked like a nice homage to her sweet idol Whitney Houston. 

Ashanti's microphone completely malfunctioned simply because a sound technician couldn't be arsed to do a simple mic check! Chiefs and Bengals fans got the hint and started singing over her very, VERY loudly. 
She tried to compensate by attempting to hit some notes at the end, but it didn't make the performance any more memorable. Chiefs and Bengals fans started to applaud themselves for stepping up and doing what Ashanti's microphone failed to do. Poor Ashanti. She got done so dirty!  


Anonymous said...

Normani said in a interview that "Sam Smith " actually told her she sounds like brandy.... I knew then normani believed anything someone tell her.... This performance by Brandy was absolutely perfect....