Britney Spears responds to her sister Jamie Lynn’s upcoming GMA interview *UPDATED*

On Good Morning America’s next instalment of ❝A woman that has blissfully lived off her sister's torment❞, one-time actress, Jamie Lynn Spears discusses the rift between her famous sibling Britney Spears. However, Britney remains completely stoic towards Jamie Lynn's little teary display. 
The ❝Baby One More Time❞ hitmaker took to Instagram to share a photo of a typewriter ahead of her sister’s GMA interview tomorrow, where she promotes her book ❝Things I Should Have Said.❞ Britney wrote, ❝Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???❞ Please do! If her publicly accused abusers can get a public platform...

Check out snippets from the interview below.


Seth said...

I would buy a book from Britney in a second. Her family is so diabolical and I don't believe we've even heard the half of it.

RL said...

If you love your sister and care for her. Why are you doing this in the public eye?

Reach out to your sister in private and stop trying to drum up sales for that delayed book. You are not helping your case.