Normani teases new music: ❝Dear 2025...❞

Normani, who recently told Ciara that her album is ❝near completion,❞ shares a clip of brand new music with the caption ❝Dear 2022.❞ Normani dropped her very first solo single ❝Motivation❞ in 2019.
The follow-up single ❝Wild Side❞ was released last year. The gaffe is that the album is still not complete. Dear 2025 2022, it seems like we're still going to be stuck in that same musical rabbit hole.


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Anonymous said...

I wanna see "NORMANI" perform the National anthem somewhere, Because I don't believe she can sing. Prove me wrong & I'll support her album when it comes out....

Mymy said...

She is more of a dancer and performer than singer.

Lauryn said...

I think she has a pleasant voice. So far, I like her music. I'm rooting for her.

I have no idea what the reason is for all these delays, but I do know she is not the first victim of this toxic music business. I wish her the best.

RL said...

I'm rooting for Normani, no matter how long it takes. I have a soft spot for her after everything she endured in 5H.

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