Adele sparks backlash over ❝tone-deaf❞ update on social media...

In the wake of her postponed Las Vegas residency, Adele has been criticised for a ❝tone-deaf❞ update she posted to social media last night. She shared a rather unhinged photo of herself grinning maniacally while confirming to fans that her Brit Awards performance has NOT been cancelled. 
Adele finished it up with: ❝Oh, and Rich sends his love,❞ in response to the many reports that her new relationship with Rich Paul is on the rocks. Many fans had expressed how unprofessional it was of her to profess happiness while ignoring fans who spent thousands of dollars to attend her no-show in Vegas. Others also feel it is quite ballsy of her to announce a Brits Awards performance, shut down break-up rumours AND ignore ticket-purchasing fans by refusing them an update on Vegas. 
Currently, this is the biggest sh*t storm and probably the biggest one Adele will ever deal with in her prolific career. Gurl... you really lost a bag (and your reputation) over a man?! Seriously? D*ckmatized is certainly the word that comes to mind.


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Anonymous said...

am i the only one in the world who thinks she is kinda overrated imo?

Remmi said...

@Anon - no. Personally I also think her new album is her worst.

Joe Cola said...

The industry doesn't like that she's involved with a black man, so she's paying the price for that. Her tour had nothing to do with her boyfriend yet media took the rumor and ran with it. What she did was messy but there have been artists who have canceled on the same day without repercussions.

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