Doja Cat goes off on YouTuber for claiming she had plastic surgery

Doja Cat has some very strong words for YouTuber Lorri Hill. The YouTuber claims Doja has had a slew of plastic surgery including a nose job. Hill has since made her incriminating video private.
Doja Cat isn't happy because she feels such lies are ❝f*cking with her brand.❞ There are so many videos and articles dissecting the faces of Rihanna and Beyoncé and these are women way bigger and more successful but do you see them giving a baseless YouTuber so much energy? She has a right to feel some way about someone spreading lies. However, the only thing she did was add to Lorri Hill's 400k subs and views.


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Unknown said...

I like that Doja addressed it. Lori is outta pocket. She didn't want to let down her fans, or make her fans feel like they can't obtain their body goals without surgery. Doja said her brand in regards to her fanbase's perception of her. Not in relation to stopping her bag. Side note: Beyonce definitely had hella work done.

Consciousness Community said...

I am torn about whether artists should respond but reputation is everything and lies from thirsty “influencers” like this YouTuber should be addressed. I say do what Cardi B did and sue them. Then again, putting them on blast might give a short term boost in subscribers but longterm these people end up spiraling into their own toxic vortex of BS and become washed up hasbeens.

Gia said...

I like how she’s just casually looking like Storm while reading this girl.

Anyway I love how she hasn’t changed and still connects with her fans like this.

Remmy said...

According to Doja, she also questions Megan Thee Stallion's body image. Women - especially black women - are demonised by the media and face enough challenges around their image as it is without further being scrutinised by other women, particularly other women who will never walk in their shoes yet feel some sense of entitlement to critique. Doja has every right to be annoyed and nobody has the right to tell anybody else how to feel about their image.

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