Mary J. Blige’s album ❝Good Morning Gorgeous❞ debuts low

Mary J. Blige's new album ❝Good Morning Gorgeous❞ debuted at #14 on the Billboard 200 selling 25,809 units (just over 15K in pure sales and just under 10k in streams). These are not good numbers for a legacy act. 
Mary planned this whole album rollout around the Super Bowl. It certainly makes you wonder how much lower it would have debuted WITHOUT the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl wasn't going to help her. She didn't perform her new music. She didn't get to enjoy the benefits of an extended set. Of course Mary is Mary and she has nothing else to prove at this point. 


Remmi said...

I didn't really enjoy the album as a complete body of work, just a few nice tracks here and there. The last album I thoroughly enjoyed was My Life II: The Journey.

Toya said...

Me too, as well as Share My World. But Mary stopped making music like that a very long time ago.

Remmi said...

Yeah, Share My World, The Breakthrough, My Life, Love & Life, My Life II and Strength of a Woman are the only albums I enjoy, in that order. It's not just Mary tbh, great RnB has been dead for a while imo.