Tina Lawson grilled on why Beyoncé married ❝gangster rapper❞ Jay-Z

Executive-produced by Tina Knowles-Lawson, ❝Profiled: The Black Man❞ aims to change the harmful stereotypes of Black men. Tina, who was promoting her new docuseries recalls how an older white woman once grilled her on daughter Beyoncé marrying ❝gangster rapper❞ Jay-Z.
She corrected the woman to say that Jay-Z is actually a CEO. Tina is triggered by how the media stereotypes Black men and how they tend to focus on the negatives. But Jay-Z has been promoting himself as a gangster rapper for years. Wasn't it a part of his brand before he became a shrewd businessman?

❝Profiled: The Black Man❞ will premiere Feb 12th on Discovery+