Tinashe | ❝Naturally❞ video | ❝333❞ deluxe edition artwork

Tinashe's new music video for ❝Naturally❞ is purely simple visionary with slight acting tease. A word of warning though. It may not be for the faint hearted with the copious amounts of blood. 
The dancing felt so out of place despite it being her schtick. Not every video needs it. Slice and dice a body, drink the blood, put on a cowboy hat and do some choreography all seems... random. She recently announced the deluxe edition of her 2021 album ❝333❞ (artwork above.) The set will be repackaged with new songs and will drop on March 3rd.


Remmi said...

She's paying homage to The Texas Chainshaw Massacre movie, for some reason. Never paid attention to the song before, I like it ,- may have to revisit the album. Much prefer the new album art, too.