Rihanna dazzles at the Dior fashion show in Paris

Earlier today, Rihanna wore her most daring pregnancy outfit to date (if you can even call it that). As she made her way through the Dior fashion show in Paris, a lady can be heard telling her she is late, and Rihanna nonchalantly replies, ❝No sh*t.❞ As for her negligee ensemble, is this look a nay or a slay?


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Consciousness Community said...

Wow, she’s either way further along in her pregnancy than I anticipated or she is carrying more than one child.

Scoopz said...

Pregnancy got her nose looking like Ari Lennox's

Unknown said...

@toya do you have any guess for the gender of the baby yet?.....mine is a boy!

Lauryn said...

Personally, for me, her maternity looks have been tacky and too much. But it's Rihanna, at least she's authentic. When I was pregnant, I was way more concerned with comfort. But if this is comfortable for her, more power to her.

Toya said...

She's carrying rather high so it's possible it could be a girl but these days you never know.

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