Zoë Kravitz shades Will Smith after THAT Oscars slap...

Batman actress Zoë Kravitz is not impressed with Will Smith for slapping the sh*t out of Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Oscars. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Lenny's girl voices her disapproval over Smith’s behaviour. Seems everyone has divided opinions over that ill-fated night. My thoughts? Violence is never the answer. However, I totally get it. I'm certainly not opposed to a man defending his wife's honor. 
She switched off her comments after getting dragged.
The original caption in her second post before the re-edit:


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Anonymous said...

Defending his wife's honor? While she openly airs their dirty laundry which includes he stepping out on him with their son's friend? Nah.

J. Carter said...

And we all know (or at least we should) that there are several ways to defend someone's honor that doesn't involve embarrassing yourself and stealing the spotlight from others. It was a selfish act that was less about honor and more about a lack of self control.

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