Ariana Grande & Beyoncé dubbed ❝tools of Satan❞ by political candidate...

US political candidate, Kristina Karamo, dubs Ariana Grande and Beyoncé ❝
tools of Satan❞ for hypnotizing kids ❝under satanic delusion.❞ Karamo suggests that a ❝super crafty❞ Satan is behind Beyoncé pulling 
 ❝Black Americans into paganism.❞ Then she slams Grande’s 2018 VMAs performance, calling it a ❝lesbian orgy.❞ Well if she thinks THAT performance was a lesbian orgy, what would she call Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's ❝WAP❞ performance at last year's Grammy Awards? REAL problems do exist you know, like the extortionate cost of living, and people being forced into poverty. Yet... she wants to discuss pop singers for fun.