Chlöe Bailey shows off abs in a cut-out dress #BBMAS

A leather-clad Chlöe Bailey rocked a rather risque cutout dress by Valdrin Shahiti at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards last night. Why she didn't use the occasion to perform her new single ❝Treat Me❞ is not yet known, but it just seems like such a wasted opportunity. The new album is still pending, she says. The dress though... She could probably get her friend Gunna out of jail by distracting the guards with such a head turning gown, but she may have to do what Chlöe Bailey does best... some hardcore twerking to pull off the mission.



Anonymous said...

I'm definitely ready for her album... It's completely finished. She's filming the will packer movie next month in Atlanta, So maybe July or August for the self titled album.