Ciara reveals label served her masters to her... for FREE

Many artists have to walk on hot coals just to get their masters. But Ciara got hers for free from her label apparently. During a recent special with ABC for ❝Sounds of Freedom – A Juneteenth Celebration,❞ Ciara made the revelation while opening up about her journey to musical independence. People are now saying she should have kept this news to herself since this is an indication that her catalogue is worth zero value! Let's not pretend like Ciara didn't have hits for days. Hits like ❝OH,❞ ❝Goodies,❞ ❝1,2 Step,❞ ❝Loose Control❞ and ❝Promise❞ were massive! Secondly, she was also referring to her recent music with Warner music label (❝Level Up❞), not her previous catalogue.
Earlier this month, she teased the music video for her 
new single ❝J.U.M.P❞ (directed by Dave Meyers):