Major! Jennifer Hudson scores EGOT status with Tony Awards win

This week, Jennifer Hudson officially achieved the coveted EGOT status with her Tony win for producing ❝A Strange Loop❞ (Best Musical award.) The career-defining honor, which recognizes winning an Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar, and a Tony puts her as the third black person to land the honor, following Whoopi Goldberg and John Legend. At just 40, she becomes the third youngest person to become an EGOT. Only 17 people in history have won the prestigious honor. The American Idol alum was once told by Simon Cowell that she ❝didn’t have what it took❞ to make it and she was ❝out of her depth.❞ Little did he know she would become an EGOT winner 16 years later!


Anonymous said...

This makes me sooo happy for her!!!! She persevered & look at her today!!!