Britney Spears’ tell-all memoir delayed due to paper shortage

Britney Spears is unable to release her tell-all memoir because there's no paper to print it on due to the supply shortage. TMZ reports that the book (released with publisher Simon & Schuster) is complete, and they are eyeing January for its release but there is no clear date on when the book officially comes out. They're blaming the pandemic for the shortage as apparently more people started ordering books during that time. This resulted in decreased paper supply. There's also reportedly a labor shortage at the manufacturing plants. Britney signed the book deal in February for a cool $15 million, though not as cool as one would think. 

Her story is worth soooo much more than that. She's getting paid to air out her family (particularly her father) for forcing her under an abusive conservatorship so that they can STEAL her money (racking up the tune of millions) and using it to fund their lavish lifestyles, while she rots in a contracted drug-induced prison. I feel she could have gained maybe five times that amount if she negotiated film rights with Netflix or even an exclusive sit-down with a major television network (not Oprah though because she's a backstabbing witch who simply can't be trusted). It just seems she got the short end of the stick with this deal, and now they are giving her the run around (when they could easily have released it digitally via Amazon Kindle). SMH.