Doja Cat shaves her head and eyebrows; Is she really OK?

Doja Cat shaved her head and eyebrows while going on Instagram Live last night, and it's sparking a bit of worry. A lot of women tend to shave their heads when they're going through a lot. Most notably, Britney Spears and Tamar Braxton. And we know she's had a lot of bad press lately in regards to not greeting fans and constantly complaining about being overworked. 

Add to the fact that she had to pull out of a massive summer tour with The Weeknd due to invasive tonsil surgery. I truly hope she's okay and this is just some liberated new lease of life she's on. Now that she's done it, the shaved look actually suits her face. Are you feeling her new look?



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The reality is…she’s NEVER been okay. And that’s okay because that’s how she got put on.