Beyoncé’s ❝Renaissance❞ tour is coming, but can YOU afford it?

Rumors are rife that Beyoncé is set to embark on a brand new stadium tour starting from the summer of 2023. Apparently, sources close to Page Six are claiming she is booking stadiums across the globe. They say an official announcement can be expected in the coming weeks. Not really news or a rumour. We KNOW she is going to tour in support of her latest new album ‘Renaissance.’ We're just waiting to hear it from her. 

Ticket prices are going to be insane. With the cost of living crisis showing no signs of letting up, prices are only going to get even crazier. Venues are probably needing to charge more due to the eye watering energy bills her tour is set to rack up. It's bad enough that in normal circumstances, people have to sell one of their kidneys just to be able to pay for a Beyoncé ticket.