Friday, 30 September 2022

Rihanna officially headlining the Super Bowl? Say what?!

Once again, my apologies for the lack of posts. 

I have so much going on personally. However, over the last few days I've just been working on putting together this more friendly user layout, just to make the reader experience a lot more pristine. As for the latest... Rihanna and the Super Bowl! In my last post, it was noted how Rihanna was spotted going to the recording studio three nights in a row (and since my two week absence she's been spotted multiple more times attending the same studio in Los Angeles). It was also noted how the hash tag #RihannaIsComing started trending on Twitter. Little did we know such hash tag meant she really WAS coming. She's officially headlining the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 12th, 2023 live from the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. She previously turned down the lucrative gig in 2020 in support of Colin Kaepernick. The NFL, their new sponsor Apple Music, and co-producers Roc Nation announced the news earlier this week. Ticket demand for next year's Super Bowl increased 9,900% following Rihanna’s halftime announcement!!!!

I am absolutely buzzing, like, this is the best news ever! Do those studio sessions mean she's planning to release a new album after almost a seven year wait? Or was she pre-recording new versions of songs she plans to perform to an audience of 100 million people? No one knows for sure what exactly Rihanna's plans are, but this is only just the beginning. Watch this space!