Mariah Carey live at Global Citizen Festival 2022...

In case you missed it, Mariah Carey recently took to the stage in New York for her headlining set at the Global Citizen Festival. She performed some of her classic hits which included 'Heartbreaker,' 'We Belong Together' and 'Hero.' 

Now Mariah will always be lovable as a person. She will always be gorgeous. However, when you're only known for your voice, people are forever going to be critical. It doesn't matter that she's in her 50s now and that many singers find their voices changing with age. When it comes to vocal excellence, Mariah Carey was the blueprint, and will always be seen as... the blueprint. The only thing she needs to do  now is work those arrangements to compensate a little more for the loss of range. When she is trying to sing out of her range, she finds herself struggling to get through an entire  song and at times, it can be quite triggering. It is still nice to see a living legend on stage giving it her all and looking amazing while doing so in the process.