Saturday, 8 October 2022

A year ago today, Jesy Nelson released a song that basically ruined her career...

A year ago today, former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson released her debut solo single, ❝Boyz,❞ featuring Nicki Minaj. The track debuted at #4 on the Official UK singles chart and then just tailed off and disappeared. There has been very little mention of the song's anniversary from Jesy, perhaps because she knows she had the worst transition to a solo career, EVER. Her solo launch was marred by black-fishing allegations after photos showed her looking uncannily like BeyoncĂ©'s mom Tina. Then we had the public feuds with former bandmate Leigh-Ann Pinnock and the lip-synching criticisms. Her record label Polydor reportedly didn't like her music, rendered it trash and dropped her after just 14 months. She has been getting clowned online ever since. Whoever keeps telling this girl that she’s a good singer needs to stop lying to her face and filling her with false hope. Even if she did some major grovelling, embarked on a damage control tour and apologised to her former bandmates for partially blaming them for things beyond their control, it would not make a single lick of difference. Jesy Nelson has showed her ass too many times, and we all know WHO she is now.