Beyoncé slammed by Right Said Fred for using ❝I’m Too Sexy❞ sample without permission...

Yiiiikes. So many artists are starting to come out accusing Beyoncé of sampling their work for 'Renaissance', and not asking them for permission to do so. The most publicised of cases was Kelis going off on one when Beyoncé sampled 'Milkshake' for her track 'Energy,' without reaching out. Right Said Fred claims that Beyoncé did not reach out to him when sampling their 1992 hit single, 'I'm Too Sexy' for her album track 'Alien Superstar.' Fred said: ❝Normally the artist approaches us but Beyoncé didn’t because she is such an arrogant person. She just had probably thought 'come and get me' so we heard about it after the fact when you did. But everyone else, Drake and Taylor Swift, they came to us. 
Both Drake and Taylor used the exact same sample and reached out. Drake used the sample in his 2021 hit 'Way 2 Sexy' and Taylor used it for her 2017 'Reputation' lead single 'Look What You Made Me Do.' Fred made his comments this week at the 2022 BMI Awards in London.  Fred goes on to say that if things were done correctly after an approval, they would have received a co-write credit. 

The problem is, everybody wants a cut including engineers and bookers, as well as the 22 writers on the song. As a result, they would get as little as about 40p. Fred said they're not going to go up against someone as powerful and influential as Beyoncé who has much more money simply because they're aware that FOR THEM, it won’t end well. Despite her persistence to get a songwriting credit on EVERY song, sometimes things like this makes you wonder how involved Beyoncé really is in the songwriting process of her music and whether she just takes what she’s given by her team/songwriters without VETTING it first. Of course it is easy to blame others, but she's Beyoncé and this has happened waaaaay too many times for her not to be aware.


Anonymous said...

Another day, another theft by Beyonce. Perhaps the most overrated yet protected artist. How many times has this woman been accused of theft, plagiarism, and the like, yet her fans and the general public give her a pass. She should be ashamed of herself. Beyonce is a lesson in how good marketing and public relations can make a career. She is a ruthless hustler who squashed her DC bandmates, claims to be a songwriter and producer (she is neither), a sensational dancer (she is more just a booty shaker), a thick diva (she has allegedly had breast implants and a BBL). Shame on you Beyonce!!