Britney Spears continues piling pressure to have her father prosecuted...

Britney, pictured, in October 2022

Britney Spears continues her #JusticeForBritney quest last night. Calls for an investigation and charges be pressed against her father and his disciples continue to mount. Ever since she was set free last year, the singer has demanded that Jamie Spears be charged with conservatorship abuse and JAILED. In a number of tweets last night, she makes it clear that not enough is being done by the court, state and federal authorities. Britney’s father wants to make her pay HIS LEGAL FEES on account as he fights AGAINST HER in court. He wants to use her hard earned finances to somehow vindicate himself legally and in the public eye. Justice would certainly aid in her healing process massively. Sadly, her struggle to overcome such traumas will never end until the people who inflicted it on her are finally held accountable.