Friday, 14 October 2022

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck make first post-wedding official appearance...

A first post-wedding official appearance was simply a wet dream come true for Jennifer Lopez. The ❝Marry Me❞ actress and her new husband Ben Affleck both wore Ralph Lauren as they made their first PR appearance since getting married, while attending the Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2023 runway show in Los Angeles yesterday. She’s staring at him with complete adoration... and he looks like... he didn't care to be there at all. But when you marry a high maintenance woman like Jennifer Lopez, she is going to want her husband to look just as pristine and well put together as she is. 

So then, all of a sudden, her stylists become his stylists. And that makes so much sense because he's been dressing a whole lot better lately. Needing to add... if looking sober, less bloated, and dare I say it, healthier is what being married to a woman like that does to a man, then perhaps the 20-year wait to walk down the aisle was all worth it in the end.


Anonymous said...

Her expression really looks like she on the toilet…. Constipated. That face. We all know it.