Jesy Nelson returns to Instagram & ❝promises❞ fans new music ❝early next year.❞

Did you miss her? Prior to getting dropped by her label Polydor, Jesy Nelson made a not so epic return to Instagram today after going on a social media hiatus. She deactivated her account last month and removed all pictures and videos because she ❝needed a break.❞ She goes on to say it did her ❝the world of good.❞ She promises fans new music ❝early next year❞ but wants to make sure it’s ❝perfect❞ before doing so. Maybe she is hoping that her Nicki Minaj-assisted debut single ❝Boyz❞ will serve as her ❝Work It Out❞ before she actually gets her ❝Crazy In Love❞, the mega smash. In a world where we've seen pigs fly, anything can happen.