Republicans RAGE over Lizzo twerking with a 200-year-old flute...

What is a Lizzo story without some controversy huh? 

Republicans have been spiralling after Lizzo made history this week twerking with a 200-year-old flute during the Washington D.C. stop of her ‘Special’ tour. The flute (maintained by the Library of Congress) was once owned by US president James Madison and was gifted to Madison in 1813. Racist Republicans were most likely not happy seeing a big, overweight black woman blessing the flute with her naturally voluptuous, beautiful brown lips. But if she was white and skinny ala Taylor Swift, they'd be like, ❝yassss b*tch, you did that!❞ Lizzo actually drew further attention to the flute making it an even bigger tourist attraction! The classically trained flute player was very careful with the instrument and used it only for a couple of seconds. 

It's not exactly the same scenario as Kim Kardashian damaging an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress all because she couldn't squeeze her large surgically enhanced ass into it. Sometimes people want to be angry for no reason at all.