Friday, 28 October 2022

Video Premiere: Rihanna - ❝Lift Me Up.❞

One thing Rihanna is going to do is emote her ass off while serving beauty and calm. Her new single ❝Lift Me Up❞ is pretty. I consistently love her ballads. She is a singer who emotes. The way she sings, hold me, hold me at the end! I feel it. Interspersed with clips from the movie ❝Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,❞ the beach-side ethereal music video for the cut has finally landed. The soundtrack will be available from November 4th, while the movie hits theaters on November 11th. 


Anonymous said...

The song is giving primary school morning assembly hymn. It’s a touching tribute to Chad so not gonna bash it, I’ll just say it’s not for me. The video is stunning - Remi.

Anonymous said...

Toya you bias asf sis 😂😂😂. It shows in every Rihanna post lol. It’s ok btw. I think every blogger has their favs lol

Anonymous said...

Toya is very biased LOL. She’d be calling this lazy or boring had it been another artist.