As ❝Lotus❞ reaches 10 year anniversary, Christina Aguilera is getting a life story documentary...

It's been exactly 10 years since Christina Aguilera released her seventh studio album 'Lotus,' which doesn't get talked about often. I wanted to like this album so bad but it's my least favorite of her entire discography. Such a shame, considering that 'Your Body' was an underrated bop. But the Gold-certified album is by far her worst one and only hardcore stans can appreciate and celebrate it. 

Prior to the release of 'Lotus' and her disdain for Lady Gaga who she was accused of copying a few years earlier, Christina's career took quite the fall from grace. It didn't help that she took too long to release albums. If your main competitor is Britney Spears who was consistent with releasing albums in a timely manner, you can't just disappear for five years thinking your career can just pick up where it left off. Younger artists will come along and take your spot. And if their music is considered more trendy... it's pretty much game over. 

Maybe we will get more insight into that since a Christina Aguilera documentary is in the works from Times Studios and Roc Nation. The documentary, directed by Ting Poo, will follow Christina through various travels, performances and life events. It will also explore her early beginnings on Disney, her iconic multiple-decade career and her current endeavours. A documentary is in deed long overdue because she's been holding her own for the best part of over 20 years. But does an Xtina doc excite you?


Anonymous said...

I Remembered Christina Beat Britney At The Grammys For Best New Artist & The World Was MAD, I Wasn't Because Christian Had A Unique Style & VERY VERY Strong Vocals.... I Love A Vocalist l, Y'all Can Have The Dancing.