Ashanti on starting a family: ❝I wanna have kids next year!❞

After a 20 year career, delivering R&B bops and having to put up with Irv Gotti's bullsh*t for so long, Ashanti reveals her next goal is to become a mother next year. But before she makes the transition to motherhood, she says she will be touring the UK in 2023. Back in July, the Grammy winning singer, who recently dropped her new single 'Falling for You', told PEOPLE that she plans on having a child "soon" and would like to have a couple of them. As she says, whoever the homie is... hopefully, he DOES do the right thing. 


Anonymous said...

Toya! Can we discuss how I’ve been visiting the other page you sent us to for over a month thinking the page was down or you were on one of your hiatus’ just to decide to swing by this old page and see you’ve been back posting here for the past month or so! Please decide where you want your content to live 😂

Toya said...

I'm so sorry. Maybe I should have put up a notice. I'm glad you found your way back here x