Beyoncé fans worry over tour ticket access following Taylor Swift ticket fiasco...

If people think getting a Taylor Swift tour ticket was bad, round two will certainly kick off when Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' tour tickets eventually go on sale. Beyhive are already starting to worry, and desperately hoping Beyoncé has a plan in place to cope with unprecedented high demands. This week, Ticketmaster ended up cancelling the public sale of tickets to Swift's highly anticipated 'Eras' tour. 

This is simply because ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory could not handle the extraordinarily high demand. Shortly after, tickets were then listed for over $20,000 on secondary market sites prompting Swift to declare how "pissed off" she was at the situation. Fans waited EIGHT hours in a virtual queue on Ticketmaster after tickets went on sale before they were unexpectedly kicked out of line. 

Tickets to Swift’s show — which is scheduled to kick off March 17th in Glendale, Arizona — cost between $49 and $449 each. Out of the 14 MILLION people that tried buying tickets, only 2.4 million managed to get sold. We can only hope Beyoncé's team is well prepared for the Hunger Games once that ticket announcement takes place, because we expect some real f*ckery. 

Fans express their worries over Beyoncé tickets:
 Taylor Swift ticket fiasco became a headliner this week: