The 2022 AMAs hits a historic low of 3.3 million viewers & Chris Brown happily reacts...

The 2022 American Music Awards aired Sunday night to a historic low of 3.3 million viewers and a 0.6 demo rating. These stats are down from last year (3.8 mil/1.0). Chris Brown has gloated at the news in an Instagram Story after his Ciara-assisted tribute to the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s 'Thriller' was cancelled for "reasons unknown." Well, that is, before we discovered the actual known reason


Chris Brown reacts:
As I say, if his performance with Ciara was allowed, numbers would have been higher.


Anonymous said...

And Ciara’s another one. What is it with all of these Black women supporting abusive boys? They write so many songs about how a man has done them wrong then turn around and support and abuser. SMH!

Anonymous said...

…the same way Woody Allen, Casey affleck, Mel Gibson, Morgan Wallen & others are still making art: some people choose to look past their “mistakes” & give them a redemption arc (or turn a blind eye in some situations like RKelly or Trey Songz) all in the name of art.

In the case of Brown, I personally think these artists that are supporting him are seeing the change in the person & pretty much saying, to quote kelly “everyone deserves grace”.
Rihanna’s over it, Karrueche probably too: he probably made amends with them.
Yes His past will always haunt him but people need also to stop the “fake trigger trauma” when it’s only convenient to them. Brown been making music since & getting accolades left & right (no one threw a tantrum when Usher gave him his flowers recently - on the contrary people were praising their brotherly love & yearning for a celebration versus) but because “white media” turned the narrative with the AMA’s & suddenly brown a villain again?!
We need to stop doing this.

People change…forgiveness & growing up & owning your mistakes are part of the journey.

Sorry this went on too long lol