Kelly Rowland DOUBLES DOWN on Chris Brown support...

Kelly Rowland tells TMZ that Chris Brown deserves forgiveness and grace. She believes people should treat Chris Brown the same as anyone else who has messed up, including forgiving him for beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The AMAs reportedly cancelled his Ciara-assisted Michael Jackson tribute for his past transgressions. The singer's comments come after she shushed the audience at the AMAs for booing Brown when he won an award for Favourite Male R&B Artist. Check out a video of Kelly defending CB to TMZ by clicking here or below.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ms. Kelly has surely lost all of my respect. Her support of him goes against all of the songs she’s ever written about abusive,
lying, cheating men.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe because she actually LIVES it, she knows the difference between true evil & just an immature kid with anger issues & saw the maturity.

We should actually take her advice & allow people grace & forgiveness instead of being so quick to judge when the narrative seems convenient in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Gurl bye! Chris himself as proven time and time again how much of an ego-driven, narcissistic maniac he is.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna forgave him & did two songs with him after he assault her..... I agree with Kelly.

Anonymous said...

“Ego-driven narcissistic”: lol So is half of Hollywood…so what’s your point? Last time I checked that was not a crime.

M not a Chris Brown big fan but I just find it interesting how people like to jump on “the villain of the moment” story.
Somebody said this on tvline :

Like the rest of us–Kelly is entitled to her opinion. Just because some of us won’t forgive Chris Brown doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving of forgiveness or grace for something that happened 14 years ago. Rihanna moved on. Chris is not the only celebrity who was an abuser. Here is a list of celebrities who were accused or even charged with domestic violence:
Mickey Rourke
Nicholas Cage
Mel Gibson
Carmen Elektra
Ozzy Osbourne
Christian Slater (served 59 days in prison for it)
Tommy Lee
Charlie Sheen (plead guilty to it)
Emma Roberts
Sean Penn
Stacey Dash
Dudley Moore
Vanilla Ice (arrested 3 times for DV)
Tito Ortiz
Josh Brolin
Terrance Howard
Billy Dee Williams
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Jason Kidd
Jose Canseco
And the list goes on….

That pretty much sums it up.
Rihanna moved on…Karrueche did. Let the kid grow up & reform on his own.

What he said (colorism comment & whatnot) is not what was Kelly defending but the fact a fan-based showed voted him best r&b male artist.
Some of your favorite artists did worst & u’re still supporting them