Ashanti: ❝There’s a lot of guys that want to be my baby daddy...❞

Ashanti says she is planning to take a career step back to settle down, get married and have children but wants to make sure it's with the right person. "Trust me, there's a lot of guys that want to be my baby daddy — and they've tried," she says. Ashanti clearly wants the traditional set-up. She wants what her parents had. She wants to do it the right way. Of course she would be a great mom! However, and in no way am I trying to age shame, but Ashanti is 42-years-old. 

If she has frozen her eggs and has looked into surrogacy or IVF,  it is actually okay to do it alone. A lot of women have failed to find their Mr Right and have gone down that path. It is more common than most people realise. I've spoken to childless women in their 40s and 50s and that subject would somehow come up. With regret, they tell me they just didn't get round to having children because the right man didn't show up for them. Whatever journey Ashanti decides to take, I wish her all the best of luck. She is a beautiful woman and I am more shocked that a DECENT man hasn't wifed her up sooner. 


Anonymous said...

Wishing Her The Absolute BEST.... I remembered Kelly Rowland did a interview & saying how difficult her pregnancy was at the age of 39 & she's FIT FIT & stays in the GYM.