Aubrey O’Day opens up about Danity Kane firing: ❝I wasn’t willing to do what was expected...❞

Aubrey O’Day has finally spoken out on the real reason behind Diddy firing her from Danity Kane! Aubrey insinuates she got fired because she was demanded to do “things” unrelated to her job. She says the rap mogul was the hardest person she could work for and not because of the work part but because of the torture and mind games. All this she says, took place during a time where the #MeToo era didn't exist and young women weren't as protected.


RL said...

I have been following Aubrey/Danity Kane since MTB3. It is interesting to see her being so open about it now.

I do remember when the group first got going, there were pics online of just her and Diddy spotted out shopping together.