Jhené Aiko’s 80-year-old dad welcomes baby boy following recent birth of HER son...

Jhené Aiko’s father, 78-year-old Dr. Karamo Chilombo, welcomed his ninth child, a baby boy, one month after the singer gave birth to her own son Noah with rapper Big Sean. Elderly men only liking much younger women is creepily very common. Sadly, Daddy Chilombo has only cursed his girlfriend to a fate of changing HIS diapers by the time their child is preparing to start high school.

My dad (who I have no relationship with but still I'm civilized to when attending family events) is old enough to be my mother's father. He is almost the same age as my mother's MOTHER. So in hindsight, he can easily be my grandfather. They are part of the same generation as 
Dr. Karamo Chilombo. I don't actually have a problem with older men dating much younger women if that's their preference (and we know such preference is due to the ease of manipulation 90 percent of the time). 

But when they become elderly, why do they need to procreate with these much younger women? It just screams narcissism. For some an ego boost, because it shows they can still do what a man more than half their age can do. And it's selfish to the child because that elderly man won't be around for half that child's life. Just because you can procreate at 80 doesn't mean you should. 


Anonymous said...

Why can't people just be happy for other people that are clearly happy?

Anonymous said...

Toya is NOT happy. Always posting negative vibes. Like why? You happy T?