Rihanna’s 1st red carpet appearance of 2023: The Golden Globes (new song gets snubbed)...

January, January, January... 

Always such a slow news month, and things never seem to kick off until the week leading up to the events of Super Bowl. The halftime headliner turned heads this week when she attended the 80th Annual Golden Globes ceremony with her beau A$AP Rocky. 

As expected, Rihanna was dressed for the part and looked absolutely stunning in a custom Schiaparelli dress. 

Unfortunately, her song 'Lift Me Up' from the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack did not win Best Original Song at the Golden Globes this year. 

A lesser known act in the name of RRR’s 'Naatu Naatu' ended up winning the gong instead, even beating out other commercial pop stars like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Someone was clearly rooting for the underdog and not wanting to pick any of the obvious choices. 


Maybe she will have better luck at the Oscars but competition will be fierce. 

Host Jerrod Carmichael made her laugh when offering his two cents about her serially delayed album. He told her to take her sweet time but also acknowledging such an opinion won't go down with the Navy and that they'll have his head on a spit. 
Rightly so. Rihanna does not need to be encouraged any further to take her time with this new project. It's been seven wholesome years now. Jeez. 

Coachella organizers released the list of artists that will be headlining the iconic music festival. However, Rihanna's name was nowhere in sight despite the rumours. 

Frank Ocean? BLACKPINK? Bad Bunny? Reaaallly? 

Probably one of their sh*ttiest line-ups in recent times. You will also recall rumours that Rihanna has not been taking her upcoming Super Bowl performance seriously only attending one rehearsal. 

Seems like damage control suddenly came into play. The Halftime’s musical director Adam Blackstone says they've been working with her amazing choreographer and creative director Parris Goebel to put on a show that is ❝going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.❞ 

I wish people would stop putting out those type of statements. Not only is it unfair to the artist, but it creates an immense amount of pressure especially for an an artist like Rihanna who is not considered a graduate in her performance abilities. Let's not forget she hasn't performed on a stage in almost a decade. This could either go two ways. Really amazing OR... [Fill in the blank].

Ahead of her headlining performance during the big game on February 12th, Rihanna unveiled a new limited-edition Savage X Fenty "Game Day" collection for Super Bowl LVII. 


Fans will be able to shop the entire collection in a football-themed store when she launches a three-day “Game Day” pop-up shop in Los Angeles from January 27-29th. With a lack of new music on the horizon, Rihanna is still using her Super Bowl hype to further profit her “Fenty” brand.


Scoopz said...

Rihanna looked lovely. She's lost the baby weight and looking trimmer than shes been in the last couple years. Good for her. Shes glowing.

Anonymous said...

"Someone was clearly rooting for the underdog and not wanting to pick any of the obvious choices" - or...it was just the better song, worthy of its win.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I didn’t like the song either.

Anonymous said...

What did you write here…An unnecessary story on a Wednesday Adams looking billie goat?

Anonymous said...

Agree. Lift me up is weak with her non vocals. Hurts to read ‘“lessor” written for the wrong artist….